Market Opportunity

The FDIC reports that there are over 68 million Americans who are either UNBANKED or UNDER-BANKED  refer

  • 76% of all American households live paycheck to paycheck, with little or no safety net to deal with life's unexpected emergencies.
  • The absence of convenient affordable emergency credit alternatives drive the Under-Banked
  •  Regulators and Consumer agencies are now pressing for stronger Bank involvement in provision of responsible credit programs for the Under-Banked

 Debit Plus offers a unique, modular Credit Enabling Program which allows any Bank - regardless of its size, capital structure, compliance or RISK management resources - to offer a necessary and valuable credit program to its many existing UNDER-BANKED  customers


A New Approach To Credit

Debit Plus, through innovative technologies and a highly flexible commercial model, have been leaders in delivering advanced integrated credit solutions for the UNBANKED and UNDER BANKED.


Enabling our partners, including banks, payment processors and marketing companies to select from a variety of credit enabling tools, has allowed Debit Plus to enable viable credit options to previously unreachable UNDER-SERVED markets